Chrono The Artist

Chrono The Artist

Anything extraordinary starts as a single idea and that's exactly how my story begins. Chronostasis Art was built on a dream to inspire, encourage and build confidence in people who feel insecure about becoming an artist.

Chronostasis was a character I created as the graphic designer for my YouTube Channel. And Chrono The Artist was developed for people to see me and the work I put into my art. Some people said I would have a lot of limitations, so I leveled up my game. The name Chronostasis was significant to me because everything I did took time and patience for me to process and finish. "Kronos" was The God of Time and "stasis" meant time standing or time slowing down. With my love for mythology and the help of my parents, we created the concept of Time Standing Art.

Art will always be an important part of my life and my love for cartoons and anime will continue to be a big influence on me as an artist and take my work to new heights, on this creativity journey. Remember, If I Can Do It, You Can Too!

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